All About Tasty Herb

Various flavours of homemade jam under the name "Tasty Herb"  has been initiated since 2018, starting with the ambition of becoming a jam maker with a difference to break the rules of the global jam industry. By using organic fruits that exist in Thailand mainly and support organic farmers in Chiang Mai to be self-sufficient. It also elevates Thai fruits to be known on the international stage.


It is well known that our country has many kinds of fruits. Both common fruits such as mango, lychee, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, etc., as well as local fruits such as durian, gooseberry, santol, longkong, banana, etc. Khun V himself uses all the fruits from organic farmers mainly to make each kind of homemade jam. The overall taste is better than expected. Focus on creativity in the application of taste. Do not emphasize the sweetness beyond just the right amount. It does not use gelatin ingredients to make jelly as hard as other commercial jams. Only the plant-based pectins and fruit peels form a thin gel. It is beneficial to those who eat vegetarians. Is the highlight of our jam They also created flavours by using various herbs that are easy to find, fragrant, delicious flavours such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, pandan leaves, lemongrass, rose, mon, jasmine, ginger, etc. into the mix with the taste of jam. It is the origin of the brand name "Tasty Herb" which means "delicious herbs" since that time.

All About The Creator

Mr Veerapat Boonma, or Vee, you have the opportunity to work at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in various confectionery and bakery production departments. And he has accumulated experience since then One of them is delicious homemade jams, which allows you to know the process and learn to make it a master.